Carpenter/Robbins Commercial Real Estate, Inc. Advantage

  • Specialization - Carpenter/Robbins has specialized in representing government entities in commercial real estate for the past 18 years.
  • Experience - Each member of our team has between 10 to 30 years of commercial real estate experience and are ready today to be a contributing member of your team.
  • Track Record - We have completed over 850 government sale and lease transactions, over 2M  square feet of space, coast to coast.
  • Advocacy - Since we specialize in government representation we know how to negotiate to get the most for government entities in the private sector.
  • Education - We train to stay up on FAR 'best practices' and take all the Contracting Officer classes.
  • Location - Our Western location can be an advantage to Eastern based agencies and our national experience adds depth for our Midwestern and Eastern assignments.
  • Innovative Solutions - Our familiarity with the governmental process has led to a number of National problem solving assignments: financial analysis, site studies, construction cost reduction and financial due diligence.
  • FABS Schedule - We are a holder of a Financial and Business Solutions schedule, Special Item Numbers (SINs): 520-1 Financial Advisor, 520-2 Transaction Specialist, 520-3 Due Diligence and Support Services.
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