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Carpenter/Robbins Commercial Real Estate, Inc. is a unique intersection in American real estate, a tenant representation organization specializing in government commercial real estate.

Starting initially in 1998 with years of focus in the Commercial sector, Carpenter/Robbins worked hard to develop its network within the Government sector. Now its brand name is synonymous with real estate representation of government agencies. The Company's business focus and depth of experience in this specialty niche has allowed it to deliver hundreds of successful projects for numerous government entities. As a result, it has earned a reputation as one of the top "go to" providers of federal real estate services, and the result is several key, long term contracts, for both the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the US General Services Administration (GSA).

The Company operates with a team of highly trained professionals, with an average of over 15 years of federal real estate experience.  We have provided services in 34 states and over 150 cities throughout the country. Through its efficiently designed operation, strong project and process management skills, and depth of expertise in its governmental niche, the Company is able to staff and manage a national footprint to provide its contracted services. As is demonstrated by the award and execution of significant, long-term government contracts, the Company can scale as necessary to service continued project growth by using its well-developed operating model. The efforts of this team lead to Carpenter/Robbins consistently receiving the highest evaluation scores by our federal government clients.

Carpenter/Robbins' areas of specialty include Federal build-to-suit process management, transactional brokerage, and strategic/operational consulting pertaining to real estate. The firm holds a variety of Federal contracts, and has completed over 850 government real estate assignments. Carpenter/Robbins has participated in over a dozen FBI build-to-suit facilities and dozens of US Department of Veterans Affairs community based health care facilities, with a total value in excess of $2 billion dollars. In January 2016, the Company secured two new multi-year government prime contracts for VA and GSA.

In addition to the national government agencies, Carpenter/Robbins also represents Cities and Counties within California. From the City and County of San Francisco, to the City of Seaside, City of South San Francisco, the Town of Danville, the City of San Ramon, the City of Walnut Creek and the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District, Carpenter/Robbins has established a strong network of agencies with a variety of assignments. Consulting, acquisition, disposition, public/private partnerships and asset management are areas of expertise that these agencies look to Carpenter/Robbins to execute.

Our unique skills and experience create an effective conduit between private and public sectors. We understand both worlds and find ways to make business and government needs come together to accomplish public sector goals in a variety of business climates.

As you might expect from our approach, we have the finest group of associates, support staff, and tools in the industry. Our associates come from a variety of professional backgrounds: corporate management, project management,building development, property management, and government real estate. Each and every one of these people is ready to be part of your real estate solutions team.

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