Commercial Real Estate Consulting

This is where, as a company, we can apply all our specialized experience to solve problems and answer some of the industries' imponderables.  The bulk of our work here comes from solving problems for existing clients as we become familiar with their organizations.

We have developed an analytical tool to determine build-to-suit cost structures and compliance with Federal property scoring.  We also completed a national regionalization study for a Washington, D.C. based Agency to determine which US cities would be most suitable for regional headquarters as the agency planned national decentralization.

We have also created and administered a financial due diligence program to vet developers and their financial institutions who are being considered for Prospectus level development assignments. 

Carpenter/Robbins was hired to develop a national 'Lease Relinquishment' tool for the General Services Administration.  This tool is the analytic base to be used by agencies as they strive to meet the President's demand to reduce the real estate footprint of the Federal Government.

We have developed a strategic approach to defining the requirements of a public sector project, testing its feasibility, taking it to market and finalizing the project which ultimately best meets the needs of the community.

We have developed a reputation for creating unique solutions to complex commercial real estate issues.  We take a thoughtful, practical approach based on your organization's needs, culture and real world constraints.

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