Public-Private Partnerships (P3)

Public-Private Partnerships (P3) are an increasingly popular and highly effective way for public agencies to achieve a variety of goals. P3 projects enable public agencies to achieve policy goals, better serve their constituents, obtain and maintain critical social infrastructure, and catalyze economic development. We represent public parties on assignments that range from exploring the general potential of P3 to managing the structuring, procurement, and development of critical social infrastructure projects. At Carpenter/Robbins we find that every P3 project is unique but that the following three "Ps" are critical:

  • People: Successful P3 projects bring the right people to the table. We staff our projects with professionals who have decades of experience working with public agencies. We build relationships with the public sector, the private business community, other professionals, and constituents to ensure that we have the right team to execute your P3 project.
  • Process: Our approach to P3 reflects a process which is central to the way our company does business. We focus on our clients' needs:
    • First seeking to understand those needs in detail;
    • Second, we identify potential opportunities and solutions and strategize about our findings with our clients;
    • Third, we define specific goals which give rise to the nature of the proposed P3 project.

Once these goals are defined we seek qualified private sector partners and initiate comprehensive discussions with them to further refine and improve the vision. We then execute a procurement process designed to ensure that we assemble the right team at the right cost. The project is structured to provide the best of the private sector's capabilities while protecting our client, the public agency. We remain involved through the execution and delivery of the project and often have continuing responsibilities.

  • Performance: P3 projects offer tremendous potential but also require substantial expertise and commitment. It also requires knowing what specific expertise is needed on a project by project basis. We have a demonstrated ability to perform, having overseen more than 50 projects on behalf of public agencies across the United States.
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